For the Flight Sim Planner to work, you need to install a piece of server software. This program will manage the communication between your tablet and the Flight Simulator. For this to work FSUIPC or XPUIPC needs to be installed.

Your tablet needs to be on the same network as your Flight Simulator computer. In most home network situations you’ll connect your tablet through the WIFI of your Internet (Cable or ADSL) modem. If this same modem is used by your flight simulator PC than they are on the same network.

You’ll need the IP address of the flight simulator PC. Open the “Network and Sharing Center”. At the righthand side under “Connect or disconnect” you’ll see “Access type: Internet”. Underneath this,  to the right of “Connections” you’ll find a link to the active network adapter. Click this link. The “Network Connection Status” window will open. Find the “Details” button and click this. In the window that will appear search for the “IPv4” address.

Another way is to use the command prompt window. Goto your start menu and type “cmd” in the search box. The command prompt start icon will appear. Click this to start it. The type “ipconfig” and hit enter. Again search for the “IPv4 Address”.