Offline Maps

To put complete offline maps on your mobile device would need a very large amount of precious memory. So we’ve create a system with which you can only download areas which are of real interest namely the parts you are going to fly through. On the map a buffered area is drawn (small width red line). Only the mapping tiles that (partly) lei within this buffered boundary are downloaded. When there is a route active this buffered area will be calculated on a certain ratio around the route line while otherwise only the current location is used to derive this buffered area from.

There are three main sources which you can use for offline mapping. When your in the USA you can choose for the FAA sectional charts. When in Germany, the Benelux countries or part of other countries that lie directly to the border of Germany choose Dfs charts. For all other purposes we make use of openstreetmap tiles, as these are highly accurate and detailed and therefor good usable af an aviation maps base layer..

After downloading you’ll see how much space they use and you can free this space if needed by cleaning-up the offline maps. This is always a good thing to do before each flight so you are sure you have downloaded the latest map changes..

We would recommend though the turn the base googlemaps layer to “none”. Otherwise roads- and city labels will be displayed twice which will make the map harder to read..