Flightsim Planner V2 (beta)

The last months we’ve been working hard on version 2 of the FlightSimPlanner app. We are now in the finishing stages of this new app and are releasing the first beta version.

The current version has a number of problems which makes it difficult to further enhance and update it. Furthermore we wanted to get rid of the googlemaps engine mainly because of limitations and licencing issues. As a replacement we’ve chosen to use the VTM engine from the openscience map project, which is currently maintained by the developers of mapsforge. This engine gives us much more flexibility. Offline base vector maps is one of these enhancements which at the end will give us ability to create our own real aviation map designs. This new version offers a whole range of base maps and overlays to chose from.

Next to the way described here, you now can use Google Earth to create “georeferenced” overlays maps. This option is mainly used to overlay the airport maps that can be downloaded from your local Aip source.

You still can connect both to the local GPS or to the simulator (FSUIPC/XPUIPC) via our server ( This enables you to use the app on a real VFR flight as well as the simulated one.

This version is still in beta and still needs a lot of work, This means that certain options might not work correctly or has bugs. It supports both 7′ and 10′ tablets in both landscape or portrait orientation.

Have a look at the introduction video on YouTube..

Will be adding youtube video’s with handson explenations of the workings of the new version. Now headover to the playstore and install this new version!