Welcome to Mobile Aviation Tools

NEWS: 17-7-2018
Lots of existing users have experienced crashes after the update to version Version is now released and will fix this issue. Apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused. Please get the update from GooglePlay.

NEWS: 12-7-2018
Release of version, with server version V2.0.03.
– Database distribution now from online source
– Added maps from the Open Flight Maps project
– Custom charts overlay system changed, see this tutorial
– New installation crash bug fix
Get it on GooglePlay.

NEWS: 13-3-2018
Release of version, with a new server (V2), see the Support page for installation details.

NEWS: 22-2-2018
Just released version 1.3, Get it on GooglePlay..

Welcome to the website of Mobile Aviation Tools. My name is Rob and my profession is .net C# developer. In my spare time i am a licensed Private Pilot and active user of both FSX and XPlane 11. I use the simulators mainly to fly GA type aircraft as i do in reallife. My other hobby is to develop Android apps. So i combined the two with the creation of FlightSim Planner which i present to you here. I’ve just released version 1.2 which can be found on Google Play.